'Games? During my entire lifetime I have tried my hand at several, starting with peek-a-boo and ending with chess. I must admit that I won many more honors at the first than the last. I no longer play chess, nor peek-a-boo, for that matter. In either game, I find no elation in winning, and losing affects me with shame and gloom. My last chess game was played by post card against my nephew Stephen, and I felt that I might do well, that I could study each move and all its implications at leisure.
However, due to stress of circumstances, my fifth turn was premature and Stephen replied by forking my queen. This outcome made me swear the game off forever.

In my writings, I have devised several games, notably the Hussade and another game for THE FACE whose name I have forgotten(*); I have also devised other games with less explicit rules. I have been waiting that one day someone would try Hussade. The area of play, however, would be costly to build and maintain, and other elements which exist in the original game would be face significant hurdles if played today(**). Not impossible, observe, but difficult.

I know absolutely nothing about role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, except that they are complicated, obtuse and big time-eaters. It is for this reason that, guided by discretion, I would not risk an opinion about this subject.

I thank you for the attention you bring on me and my efforts.'

* the Hadaul
** the Sheirl!

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