Here are my english pages devoted to Jack Vance, marvelous "word-thinker" and the better space gardener (that i know in SF litterature) by his evocation of  "stars we see tonight".

 I especially thank Patrick Dusoulier for his great work on translations from french.

"If Leigh Brackett represents the meat and potatoes of interplanetary fiction, then Jack Vance is the caviar."
Firsts, the book collector's magazine - march 2008

  1. An interview by Paul RHOADS and Damien DHONDT
    Published in Slash #17 0ctober 1998.
    (Translated from the French by Patrick Dusoulier 8th August 2002)
  2. Postface to Maske: Thaery by Jacques Goimard (1981)
    (Translated from the French by Patrick Dusoulier, Sept. 2002)
  3. A short story :  "Seven Exits from Bocz"
  4. "The Best of Jack Vance" Pocket Books - 1976
  5. Jack's Houseboat
  6. A Thesis by Jerome Fenn Dutel
    (Translated from the French by Patrick Dusoulier) 
  7. Vance Interview in Locus, Nov 1984 
  8.  Lyonesse in E-Books
  9.  Jack's letter to Graal, a french game role magazine in 1990
    'Games? During my entire lifetime I have tried my hand at several, starting with peek-a-boo and ending with chess...' 
  10. Aliens! Has Chubais Come To Make Jack Vance a Reality?
    (Article in Pravda features Jack Vance)
    The nightmare that Russians are experiencing now and will experience in the future emerged in the fevered imagination of American writers http://english.pravda.ru/main/18/89/356/9773_chubais.html 
    "...The author of the fiction was the American Jack Vance, who is considered the most talented master of writing social utopias in the United States. Several generations of American boys were brought up on his books. These boys later became generals, diplomats and American advisers of the first Russian president, Boris Yeltsin."


French Comics editor Delcourt undertook to make an adaptation of Tscha novels in comics, two volumes by book.The artist is Li-An and the well known script writer Jean-David Morvan. The seventh volume has been published in May 2006. The preparation of the last volume has already begun.

Li-An, colors by Scarlett -2006

B&W sheets
pl5   pl6   pl7   pl8  pl9  pl17 

Li-An himself "For a long time now, I have considered Jack as the world's greatest novelist. I discovered him in my youth, between two family moves, and his characters seemed to talk directly to me. Like them, I find myself once more in an unknown country, a foreigner to its people and customs. Their solitude found echoes in my shyness, their thirst for action in my voracious hunger for drawing. Ever since I started drawing comics, Tschai turned out to be a faithful and steadfast road companion. I couldn't imagine drawing anything else than dark and efficient heroes, vivid cities bustling with life, or attractive yet untouchable damsels. And today, with the help of the scriptwriter Jean-David Morgan, I can actually live my childhood dreams..." Li-An  


A Vancean adaptation of a Moebius drawing (c) Moebius

Moebius: "....I immensely enjoy Jack Vance's novels, which are not too far away from being westerns in space.  They often take the reader through vast, majestic landscapes, even deserts, inhabited by isolated, human settlements, which have developed along idiosyncratic lines, very much like western societies."


: Lyonesse
(Covers artists are Catska and Cory Ench)

I note belatedly that the texts of these ebooks are the VIE's, fully restored from the editorial meddling that makes the Berkley Suldrun's Garden and the Ace Madouc a charicature of the author's intent.
If you're not subscribing to the VIE and don't have the U-M editions (which are themselves not entirely unproblematic), this is currently the only edition that reflects the Lyonesse trilogy as Jack Vance wrote it." Steve Sherman)
Amazon.com ( $6.99 each)




I found on the web this painting illustrating a Rip Van Winkle book, don't you recognize the pipe smoker ?

A last one and w'll go, that's all folks !

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