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Oeuvres de Vance non traduites en français
du moins pas encore .



Un seul roman n'a pas été traduit, il s'agit de Vandals of the Void, roman pour la jeunesse datant de 1953,
réedité en 1979 n° ISBN: 0-8398-2517-X par Gregg Press.
Dick Murdock accompagne sur la lune son père directeur de l'observatoire lunaire. Là, il rencontre un prospecteur fou qui lui raconte des histoires terrifiantes d'aliens vivant sous la surface, est-ce un complot de ... pirates?

Par contre quelques nouvelles ne sont toujours pas traduites à ce jour:

Ultimate Quest, autre titre:Dead Ahead (1950)

Sabotage on the Sulphur Planet (1952)

Seven exits from Bocz (1952)

First Star I see tonight, texte non SF(1954)

The Phantom Milkman (1956)

A Practical Man's Guide (1957)

The Brains of Earth, autre titre: Nopalgarth (1966) court roman

Cat Island (1947)

Nota: "[WORLDS BEYOND] Editor Damon Knight gave Vance the idea of an orbiting satellite as a weightless paradise for grossly obese people and commissioned a story for his magazine. Vance thought the idea 'inspired' and wrote 'Abercrombie Station.' Then WORLDS BEYOND folded before he could submit the story to Knight, so he sold it to THRILLING WONDER STORIES (February 1952). After the story appeared in print, Knight complimented Vance on the concept and said, wistfully, that the same idea had occurred to him but he never got around to writing the story. Vance reminded Knight that he had suggested the original idea and gave Knight due credit when the story was reprinted in The Best of Jack Vance (Pocket Books 1976).
'Abercrombie Station' introduced another of Vance’s spirited young female protagonists, Jean Parlier, who appeared again in 'Cholwell’s Chickens'” (THRILLING WONDER STORIES August 1952). The two novelettes eventually appeared together in 1965 as Monsters in Orbit, half of an Ace Double."
Editorial Blurb (THRILLING WONDER STORIES August 1952)
There have always been colonies - colonies of nudists, artists, vegetarians, non-conformists and plain old rugged individualists. Here at Abercombie Station, for the first time, we have a colony for fat people. Nor is their chosen isolation intended merely to avoid ridicule. It has a practical advantage. Far from Earth's burdensome gravity, freed of the chains of their weight, the fat people can skip as lithesome as lambs on the green, while their avoirdupois, instead of sagging grotesquely, balloons in rich, rosy, enticing curves.
Everybody has a different idea of paradise, but if you happen to be dieting - or should be - you'll have fun with Jack Vance's idea of a heavyweight heaven. 

ANTHOLOGIES en langue anglaise
je n'ai indiqué que les plus récentes ,surtout celles des éditions Underwood-Miller


The Augmented Agent and Other Stories

[1986] 0-88733-020-7 U-M

 [1988] 0-441-03610-4 Ace


The Augmented Agent


Crusade to Maxus


Golden Girl


The Man from Zodiac


The Planet Machine*






Three-Legged Joe*


Chateau D'If [1990] 0-88733-098-3 U-M


Abercrombie Station


Chateau D'If


Cholwell's Chickens


Gift of Gab




The Complete Magnus Ridolph

[1985]0-934438-98-6 U-M


Coup de Grace


The Howling Bounders


The King of Thieves


The Kokod Warriors


The Spa of Stars


The Unspeakable McInch


The Sub-Standard Sardines


To B or Not to C or to D


Hard Luck Diggings


Sanatoris Short-Cut


Postface de Vance lui-même


The Dark Side of the Moon [1986] 0-88733-021-5 U-M
[1989] 0-450-50257-0 New English Library


Introduction du chanteur Robert Palmer
clin d'oeil de Vance dans le roman "la Mémoire des Etoiles" il y a l'étoile de Robert Palmer.


Alfred's Ark


Dead Ahead*


Dover Spargill's Ghastly Floater




The Enchanted Princess


First Star I See Tonight*


The House Lords




Phalid's Fate


The Phantom Milkman*


Planet of the Black Dust*


A Practical Man's Guide*


Sulwen's Planet


The Temple of Han


The Light from a Lone Star [1985] 0-915368-31-5 NESFA
Edition spéciale pour la convention SF: Armadillacon (Austin, Texas-USA), jamais reedité.


Cat Island*


First Star I See Tonight*


Hard Luck Diggings


The Men Return




The Potters of Firsk


A Vance Encyclopedia, un essai sur Vance


Lost Moons [1982] 0-934438-56-0 U-M


Assault on a City


Dream Castle [ou I'll Build Your Dream Castle]


Four Hundred Blackbirds


Meet Miss Universe


The Potters of Firsk


Sabotage on Sulpher Planet*


Seven Exits from Bocz*


Winner Loose All


The World-Thinker


When the Five Moons Rise

[1992] 0-88733-145-9 U-M




Dust of Far Suns [ou Sail 25]


When the Five Moons Rise


The New Prime


Men of the Ten Books


Masquerade on Dicantropus


Where Hesperus Falls




Ullward's Retreat


Dodkin's Job²


The Devil on Salvation Bluff²


Ecological Onslaught



[1980]0-87997-563-6 DAW


The Brains of Earth*


The Houses of Iszm


Son of the Tree

U-M = éditeur UNDERWOOD-MILLER  en reconstruction à l'heure actuelle.
les nouvelles marquées d'un * n'ont jamais été traduites
les nouvelles marquées d'un ², traduites en français, ne se trouvent pas dans un des receuils publiés par Presses-Pocket

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